Wholesale Enquiries Welcome

Belen Berganza is now offering wholesale opportunities for retailers whose shop reflects the look and feel of Belen's unique creations. Please e-mail me to discuss the possibilities.

Belen Berganza has a range of gifts for the person who likes unique jewellery, one-off homewares or her new range of lamps.

About Belen

Originally from Spain, Belen is a ceramic artisan who now lives and creates in Western Australia.

Her life-long passion for art and ceramics inspired a line of jewellery made from porcelain, which she characterises with her own fresh and delicate touch.

Belen studied Ceramics for four years at the school of arts Francisco Alcantra, in Madrid.

These studies enabled her to combine her love for art with the formal training necessary to develop high quality jewellery.

Belen Berganza Jewellery and sculptures by Belen can be found in art galleries and selected boutique stores around the world.